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Dear Sirs,
This is to introduce you our modeling material, QUICK MODEL we developed newly.

Generally, modeling material consists mainly of silicon, seaweed component, etc. and used for making a duplicate. In making a duplicate, modeling material is mixed with liquid and kneaded into a fluid state and, while it is fluid, an original is put into it and, after the modeling material has hardened, the original is pulled out. Then gypsum, resin, etc. is poured in the formed space and a duplicate is produced. At dental clinics, modeling material is used in making a tooth form.

QUICK MODEL we developed consists mainly of konjak powder made from Japanese arum root. The rest of the components are food and food additives. As a result, QUICK MODEL is safe if used for human and moreover, after used, it can be disposed as raw refuse.

Handling of QUICK MODEL is easy. It only requires an addition of liquid and shaking; hardens in two minutes. Thus QUICK MODEL is suitable for home use such as for handcraft and hobby.

We are ready for supplying QUICK MODEL in a ready-made package or as produced.

We have a confidence in our product and wish you to examine QUICK MODEL and adopt it.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely yours,

Giraffe Corporation
E-mail: info@giraffe-jp.com

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